“Exact Spot of NYC Dumpster Event Predicted in Video Game”

Find the Original Article HERE:



Some people will want to do what is easiest and say, “oh it’s just another Coincidence.”

Just like folding your money to see two towers smoking and the pentagon hit… I guess that’s all just coincidence huh? Out of all the locations on the planet, let alone the biggest city in the world, Tom Clancy Magically Chose the exact spot. He even starts the whole story line of the game with the explosion that happened at this location.
After seeing this type of stuff time and time again, I have to say that this one is a dead ringer! He was not off by a single block. He nailed the exact location of the dumpster explosion in Chelsea. The odds of this are astronomical!
Some not fully awake could say someone seen this in the game and tried to imitate it, making Excuses! But the cold reality is that the same ones behind all these attacks did this. They plan and plot well in advance. And yes, they do leave hints in movies, shows, songs and even video games! But I guess its just a coincidence, Right? – Dahboo777


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