Sick of News Articles of Police Brutality Yet?

Modern American Police Officers are brainwashed by training programs largely funded by the Fed Gov that teaches them that the Public by and large should initially be treated “as the enemy”. It’s all Hegelian Dialectic designed to make the people gradually cry out more and more for a “better” (NOT!) Federalized system that will complete the enslavement of the American People once the rest of the Firearms have been registered / banned. If that doesn’t happen, then most likely a Civil War will, which also plays into the Globalist plans as they can use it as an excuse to occupy the Continental United States with Foreign Troops.


We don’t need the Police, we need a Godly society where (most) people Govern their own behavior. The Founding Fathers warned that a Constitutional Republic Form of Government (we are not a “Democracy” – look up the definition, or see our earlier article on the topic) would not be able to survive without a Biblical Based Culture. This is why the Illuminati have been focused for a much longer time on destroying traditional American Values – to erode the Foundation of general Public Peace and force the demand for a Police State, which we now have.


Many of us have been warning of this, myself included, for decades, but almost no one listened. Now we’ve arrived. Welcome to the New World Order, folks. Cash your brains and your guts in at the door. Open your eyes, open your mind.



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