The TARGET BOYCOTT WORKED (Although they won’t admit it)

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The boycott worked!

After just about the entire nation revolted when Target announced they would open up their restrooms to anyone, regardless of their gender or sex, it seems the big-box giant has had a slightchange of heart.

Their stock plummeted and sales went down after they made their big announcement back in April. It even prompted a boycott petition that reached 1.4 million signatures.

Specifically, the boycott called for Target to install a separate “unisex bathroom” for members of the trans community or “those who simply like using the bathroom alone.”

And guess what Target is going to do? Precisely that.

Company executives publicly downplayed the impact of the transgender-bathroom policy backlash, but after its first quarter of losses in over a decade, they have decided to make what Fortunecalls “concessions.”

They’re spending $20 million to add private, single-stall bathrooms with locking doors.

“We’re listening. It’s clear that some of our guests like and some dislike our inclusive bathroom policy,” Target chief financial officer Cathy Smith told reporters on a media briefing. The vast majority of Target stores already have the single-stall bathrooms, but the retailer will add them to more locations by November, and then again after the holiday season, which it doesn’t want to disrupt with repairs, and be done by March.

Smith refused to acknowledge if the backlash cost the company any business (though that seemed obvious). The $75-billion-per-year retailer relies on wide swaths of conservative America and their money.

“We’re not satisfied with our second quarter traffic and sales performance,” Smith said.

I’ll bet. Taking a step back from a controversial stance like allowing just about anyone in any bathroom they please is a good first step.

Officially, Target is not altering its transgender bathroom policy, which allows people to “use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

The boycott – sponsored by the American Family Association – was signed by almost 1.4 million people. They pledged not to shop at Target until the policy was changed.


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