When either candidate available to you at the polls goes against Biblical Principals, should you vote for them?

Isn’t “lesser of 2 evils” still evil?

Is the refusal to vote en masse a “protest vote” or just “contributing to the other side”?

Well, stop and think about this for a moment – seriously now.

What would happen if every single person in this Country who called themselves a “Christian”, “Catholic”, “Jew”, or “Messianic” (or even Muslim, for that matter), refused to vote for a Candidate that supported Anti-Biblical Principals? I mean really think about it… okay, what if only HALF of the above refused to vote?

Do some research on the numbers of people in the United States who claim each of the above religious categories above and add them up.

Can you honestly say with 100% certainty that you know The Creator would have you voting for a Candidate who supports even SOME anti-biblical values because he or she is the “lesser of 2 evils”?

Meditate on this for awhile.

– Samuel 10/12/2016


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