Are YOU Buying it?

While we understand that many folks are undergoing what could be called, “Election Fatigue”, we feel it’s important, I feel it’s important, to point a few things out before things go back to… ahem… “normal”.

1) 49% of the United States DID NOT VOTE. 19% of Americans eligible to vote, voted for Trump. Put that in context with our earlier article this month entitled, “Vote?”, and you might start to get a totally different opinion about abstaining. It’s funny to us that while the Alternative Media has been screaming “victory” for the past several days, all of them (save one that we’ve noticed) has made no mention of the extremely high number of people in this Country who DID NOT VOTE, despite the Main Stream’s Media constantly hammering us with, “Record Turnout! Record Turnout!”. What exactly does it mean when literally HALF the Country didn’t vote? Are they all just lazy and indifferent? I know some who didn’t, and I can tell you – the are most certainly not indifferent. Far from it. The extreme, in fact. WHY? Well, if you’re the kind of person that asks, those people I know won’t answer. They’d say that if you’re the type of person to ask why, you wouldn’t want to hear the answer.

2) There are reports surfacing that Donald Trump was “recently converted”, supposedly by some folks at the Focus on the Family Ministry. We here at Congregation Simchat Emet have had no proof of this, we were told this by someone at Ministries. The individual, when asked for proof, ignored our request. This though apparently is something that may be making waves amongst the American Evangelical Community. (I personally would not know, I tend to avoid such circles). In response to this, first, I would highly recommend our article entitled, “We Deplore Clinton, but Before you get Excited about Trump You Need to See This”, as it would further reiterate what I’m about to say… and that is THIS: Focus on the Family Ministries was founded by James Dobson, A HIGH RANKING FREEMASON.

Now if you don’t see that as a problem, you might as well just stop reading right here, and never come back to this website again. If you DO see that as a problem, then not much needs to be explained. I could go light years discussion-wise on that Ministry, but I try not to be in the habit of saying more negative things about other people than I need too.

But I digress. What we have here is a case of man who (see the above article of ours) has surrounded himself by very highly ranked and well-placed Masons. We have a Country that some say is teetering on the edge of Civil War, divided across Party & Racial Lines. We have perhaps a record percentage of this Country waking up to the record amount of Corruption in this Country. There’s no doubt about it, a lot of people are seeing the shell game, and are getting ticked at the man with the portable table moving the shells. How better to deal with such a social paradigm-shift than to place ONE OF YOUR OWN MEN IN THEIR CAMP, AS A SHILL, A POSER, to deflect the anger and the motivation mojo from effecting REAL CHANGE in a Biblical Direction?

Well, I know it’s cliché, but… time will tell. I literally pray this man, this President Elect, is who some believe he is. I also hope that his conversion was real. But please forgive me for being the skeptic, I’ve had a LOT of people let me down, and it all started with my Stint in the United States Military decades ago. If you want to thank us for our Service, please stop saying that, (speaking of clichés), and dig as deep as you can to find the Truth, don’t believe anything anyone says (including me), and once you are certain you have found the Truth do your best to share it with others.


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