Mexico Tells Illegal Immigrants in US to ‘Stay Calm,’ Not Break Any Laws; Creates Hotline to ‘Report Incidents’

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NOVEMBER 17, 2016

The Mexican government has a message for all of its citizens living in the United States: “stay calm” and “avoid any situation of conflict and not commit actions that can lead to administrative or criminal sanctions.”

In the wake of Donald Trump winning the presidency in a historic upset, the Mexican government is taking steps to reassure Mexican citizens, presumably those living in the country both legally and illegally, and offer them legal advice and protection should they suffer any “abuses and fraud.”

A few days after Trump’s victory, Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu posted a video on Twitter directed to Mexican citizens residing in the U.S. “Fellow citizens, these are uncertain times,” said Massieu. “Stay calm. Don’t fall into provocations and don’t let yourself be fooled.”

“Fellow citizens, these are uncertain times. Stay calm.”


Massieu unveiled 11 actions the Mexican government is taking through its U.S. embassy and consulates that will help Mexicans “avoid being victims of abuses and fraud,” like fake immigration lawyers schemes, and inform citizens of immigration policies that could be implemented by the Trump administration.

To provide assistance to its citizens, the Mexican foreign ministry is activating a 24-hour 1-800 hotline that will not only “deal with any doubts about immigration measures” but also provide a means to “report incidents.”

“The government is also deploying more mobile ‘consulates on wheels’ and increasing appointments for passports,” reports AP.

Another step the Mexican government is taking in response to Trump’s election is offering the services of immigration lawyers. “We will be closer to you than ever to keep you informed, accompany you and defend you,” said Massieu. “You are not alone, we are with you.”

So far Trump has signaled that he plans to approach deportations in a similar way as his predecessor, focusing deportation and incarceration efforts on illegal immigrants with criminal records, which he told 60 Minutes could number as high as 3 million. What he will do about the remaining 9 million or so, is unclear.


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