Socialist Tricks 101 – A Free Course on how the Left seeks to Control YOU

Socialist trick #001: Call yourself “Liberal” when you’re actually the opposite.

Socialist trick #002: Call yourself “Pro-Black”, when you actually create a programs that impoverishes & murders them (ie Planned Parenthood), and continue to persecute them under the table via Freemasonry.

Socialist trick #003: Lie.

Socialist trick #004: Lie some more.

Socialist trick #005: Deny that you lied.

Socialist trick #006: Slander the person that exposes your lies.

Socialist trick #007: Use the word “Democracy”, which is actually code for “Socialism”, in place of the phrase “Constitutional Republic”.

Socialist trick #008: Claim the Countries you HAVE made Communist are a “Republic”. (See #’s 3 & 4).

Socialist trick #009: Get control of a Country’s Education, so you can cover up all your tricks & sell the lies early, in the hopes that they are so well embedded no resistance follows. Damn the older generations.

Socialist trick #010: Divide the Country you want to control along Religious, so-called “Racial”, and even Political lines so you can take it over while they are all too busy bashing each over the head to notice.

Socialist trick #011: Ignore the fact that a Country’s Constitution legally declares that only Gold & Silver are real money, hide this in your co-opted / NEA controlled School System, & get the people to start using BILLS of DEBT instead of real money, so no one but the Banksters have real money.

Socialist trick #012: Use your controlled School System & Media to convince the majority of the Public that any person who teaches people about Socialist Tricks #001 – #012 are, “Conspiracy Theorists,” & Nutjobs even if they’re Ministers of God’s Word – ESPECIALLY if they’re Ministers of God’s Word.

Socialist trick #013: Claim ALL sane & honest whistleblowers are “Nutjobs” and/or “Conspiracy Theorists”, & claim that the black racists, the white racists, & any other racial nutjob are the ones who need to be heard, despite the fact that you made up the term “racism” in the first place.

Socialist trick #014: If no one believes the lies, take over the Media. If no one believes the Media’s lies, take over the Gov. If no one believes the Gov.’s lies, start attacking the people who expose them. If that doesn’t work, take away the guns. If all else fails, kill anyone who may speak Truth

Socialist trick #015: Use “Flat Earthers” and “Aliens” to discredit those who really are trying to teach Truth.

Socialist trick #016: Convince the majority of the People to pursue the proverbial carrot on a string (PLEASURE), rather than the true lasting happiness that results from pursuing truth & the liberty that results from it.

Socialist trick #017: Use the “Government” to take a bunch of the people’s money, then get them so blind via your control of the School System that they think you’re a loving parental figure when you give some of it back out of, “kindness.” (Especially when it’s your neighbor’s money and not yours).

Socialist trick #018: Convince the People that #017 is not Theft.

Socialist trick #019: Use the Poor People as an excuse to take some of everyone’s money, and get the People who claim to love God but don’t show it with their actions used to someone else doing their jobs for them.

Socialist trick #020: Convince the People that the Homeless are all drunks & drug addicts. (It’s easy since those are usually the only homeless people that are easily seen). That way, Government has an easier time of taking some of EVERYONE’s money.

Socialist trick #021: Invent a 501C3 type of red tape to try to take the real power away from Religious Institutions. Simultaneously, hide the fact that American Clergyman made up a HUGE percentage of those who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Socialist trick #022: Just like the Romans did after they became Tyrannical (Research the term “BREAD AND CIRCUSES”), distract the People from discussing & doing something about your corruption by filling their lives with meaningless Professional Sports events.


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