US / Mexico Border Closed Due to Mexican Revolutionary Events?

Jan. 15th, 2017, 8:56pm CST

We’ve not been able to confirm or deny reports the past 48 hours that the US / Mexico Border has been closed supposedly due to an alleged assassination attempt on a US Consulate Member there.

This has been reported by the local Spanish News channels here in Texas, and by several little-known websites on the Internet, some of which are very questionable sources to say the least.

If this IS true, coupled with recent events (i.e. rumors of riots before Trump takes Office, Obama’s leaving the Navy wide open for attack last week, Obama’s sudden posting of large amounts of Troops on the Russian Border… then we might have an ulterior motive here if the Border really IS being closed.

We’ll let YOU “do the math” on your own.

We’re keeping a close watch on this one. If if you have any additional information, please Email as at the Email address posted on the LEFT side of our main page.


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