ICE Reportedly Sweeping Illegals Nation-Wide


Sample Articles:

Sheriffs Still Looking for Clarity on Deportation

ICE Sweep on Staten Island

ICE: Southern California Raids Planned for a while, Not Tied to Trump

ICE Agents Lasso Illegals at Taco Bell on North Side of Austin Texas

ICE Raids 2017: Immigration Raids & Protests by State

ICE Arrests Over 3,100 Illegal Aliens in Nationwide Sweep

Immigration Arrests Sparking Fear Among Immigrant Communities Nationwide

Wave of Fear Strikes Illegals in Houston

More Illegals flee to Canada

ACLU Circulating Papers for Illegals on What to Do if ICE Comes Knocking

“Undocumented Immigrants Arrested Nationwide, Stoking Fears of Trump’s Deportation Force” (Leave it to the Huffington Post to put an Incredible Spin on anything that conflicts with their Agenda. Apparently they’re in favor of being PC and too afraid to call a Spade a Spade… or a Criminal a Criminal.)

US Immigration Agents Arrest Hundreds in Nationwide Sweep

Hundreds Arrested During Nationwide Surge of Immigration Raids

Federal Agents Conduct Immigration Enforcement Raids in At Least Six States

Democrats, Advocates Question ICE Raids After Hundreds of Arrests


We can’t deport them all. There’s well over an estimated 40,000,000 of them here in the States. But we can scare the Hell out of them and make them think twice about staying, voting illegally, or wantonly murdering & stealing from American Citizens and being able to get away with it.


Well, so can we.

By the way, before any potential hatemongers get started and begin sending me hatemail, I’m Married to a LEGAL Mexican Immigrant who’s been through Hell because of all the Illegals and who for 20 years has consistently watched the Illegals get everything she’s been denied.





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