“Strategic Relocation”

Lately I’ve seen a LOT of articles, especially the past 6 years or so, about “ideal” places to “relocate” in advance to prepare for a “Global Financial Collapse” or “World War III”.

If you really wanted to take the matter seriously, you might want to think twice about what  and where these so-called “Gurus” are pushing…

But just for argument’s sake, let’s say that you’re convinced that the World as we know it is about to end. So WHERE DO YOU GO? In truth? NOWHERE. Globalist Big Whigs are predominantly running to NZ, which is an ancient Volcanic Chain series of Islands that is coming back to life; the US Pacific Northwest is endangered by one of the World’s 5 biggest Super Volcanoes (which according to Geologists could blow anywhere between now and the next 500 years); one could argue Switzerland but it’s hard to immigrate there if you aren’t considerably wealthy and the majority of the Globalist Financial Reserves are rooted there, so if there was a backlash against the Globalists it’s highly likely that area would be targeted.

There are those that say that some Island Chain or another in the Pacific Ocean is more ideal. Have these people never heard of Typhoons and Tsunamis, what with all the increased activity of the Pacific Ring of Fire are occurring ever more frequently? One must also consider the implications of Fukushima which continues to get worse and has a massive effect on the Northern Hemisphere.

Many Globalists Kingpins are buying up huge tracts of land in South American Countries Uruguay & Paraguay, but if you don’t make deals with the Narcos down there (requiring some Global Connections) you’re out of luck. Some say Argentina is the way to go. (Seriously? Have you looked into the very RECENT history of what the Argentinian Government has done to their people? Do you know nothing of the Argentinian Economic Collapse 17 years ago? Do you realize that these Countries give you virtually NO right to bare arms just to protect yourself from the much higher crime rate due to the prolonged Depression that these Countries are undergoing?) I also hear some folks recommending Chile. REALLY? Chile’s had just about everything that happened in Argentina happen to it as well. And then, there’s the massive surge in Earthquakes that they’ve been experiencing, like the one just a few years ago that leveled cities. Hello? Are you paying attention? You actually think that such an environment would be an IMPROVEMENT on where you are now?

If you’re looking at the US, there’s not really any ideal locations, but decades of research have shown that West-Central Texas, the Texas Hill Country, and Northern Michigan are viable options. Some might suggest deep in the Australian Outback, but I would consider the Country’s strict anti-gun Laws are perhaps a more dangerous threat to permanent residents NOW, to say nothing of the future.

Old Wisdom often still prevails, and in that regard, just use some common sense:

  • Stay out of Big Cities…
  • Purchase your own Property in a very Rural area
  • Try to be as self-sufficient as possible, including:
  • Solar Panels,
  • Wind Mills,
  • Incorporating your own Diesel Fuel production (Farmers have been doing it for nearly a Century)
  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Gardens
  • Ponds
  • Streams on the property
  • Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes
  • Water Wells
  • Water Distillation (easy to come by, we have a Distiller in our Apartment)
  • Horses, not necessarily many but enough to breed
  • an area with like minded neighbors
  • Gravel road access (easier to maintain & much cheaper than paved roads)
  • Thousands of Rounds of the most common Ammunition possible (can be used as barter)
  • Traditional & Factory Canned Goods and large cool, dark place to store them
  • Your own Smoke House
  • Widely accepted Gold & Silver Coins (i.e. American Eagles) and/ or Bullion
  • Plenty of Land to allow for camping of refugees whom you wish to support / enlist
  • A Survival Library, including Army & Special Ops Field Manuals, Foxfire & How-to Books
  • Common Vehicles (preferably Diesel) that are pre-1987 era with plenty of spare parts
  • Fresh Water Storage Tanks
  • Shooting Range
  • Rain Water Collection System (this can be actually a lot simpler and cheaper than you might realize).
  • Old-fashioned Irrigation Methods for Garden / Crops
  • Entertainment Library (books)
  • Diesel Generators
  • Plastic Greenhouse & Replacement Materials for years to come
  • Significant amount of Cash saved in a safe and inconspicuous location
  • HAM Radio
  • Satellite Dish (traditional, not a mini-dish)

-Samuel, 2/14/2017



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