The Truth about the September Internet Give-Away

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the “giveaway” of the United States’ control of what is commonly called “The Internet”. While I don’t particularly care to get into the intricacies of this, I did stumble across a comment on the Wall Street Journal’s article on the subject that seemed to be the closest thing to the truth, at least in the so-called “Main Stream Media”…


…interesting how often times the comments section of New World Odor (spelling intentionally changed) Rags are about the only parts of them that you can usually find some truth.




Why The Jobs Report Is Not Nearly As Strong As You Are Being Told

Source: Economic Collapse Blog

Jobs Unemployment Main Street - Public DomainHappy days are here again? On Friday, the mainstream media was buzzing with the news that the U.S. economy had added 255,000 jobs during the month of July. But as you will see below, the U.S. economy did not add 255,000 jobs during the month of July. In fact, without an extremely generous “seasonal adjustment”, the number of jobs added during the month of July would not have even kept up with population growth. But the pretend number sounds so much better than the real number, and so the pretend number is what is being promoted for public consumption.

Why doesn’t the government ever just tell us the plain facts? Unfortunately, we live at a time when “spin” is everything, and just about everyone in the mainstream media seemed quite pleased with the “good jobs report” on Friday. However, as Zero Hedge has pointed out, the truth is that the “unadjusted” numbers tell a very different story…

As Mitsubishi UFJ strategist John Herrmann wrote in a note shortly after the report, the “jobs headline overstates” strength of payrolls. He adds that the unadjusted data show a “middling report” that’s “nowhere as strong as the headline” and adds that private payrolls unadjusted +85k in July vs seasonally adjusted +217k.

In Herrmann’s view, the government applied a “very benign seasonal adjustment factor upon private payrolls to transform a soft private payroll gain into a strong gain.”

He did not provide a reason why the government would do that.

Every month, the U.S. economy must create at least 150,000 new jobs just to keep up with population growth. According to the unadjusted numbers, we did not hit that threshold, and so the employment situation in this country actually got worse last month.

In America today, there are 7.8 million Americans that are considered to be officially unemployed, and another 94.3 million working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force”.

When you add those two numbers together, you get a grand total of 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.

Rather than focusing on the headline “unemployment” figure, we get a much fairer look at the employment crisis in the United States when we examine the employment-population ratio. The following chart comes directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it shows that the percentage of Americans that are employed has never even come close to getting back to where it was just prior to the last recession…

Employment-Population Ratio 2016

Over the past couple of years we have seen a slight bump in this number, and that is good, but normally after a recession ends the employment-population ratio goes back to at least as high as it was before.  Unfortunately, this has not happened after the last two recessions.  The following comes from Wolf Richter

The ratio always drops during recessions, but before 2001, it always climbed to higher highs during the recoveries. The 2001 recession and subsequent recovery changed this. For the first time, the ratio never fully recovered, never got even close to fully recovering. That was a new phenomenon: employment growth could no longer keep up with population growth.

When the Great Recession hit, the ratio plunged from its lower starting point at the fastest pace on record (going back to 1948). The Fed’s efforts were all focused exclusively on bailing out bondholders, re-inflating the stock market, re-inflating the housing market, and generally creating what had become the official Fed policy at the time, the Wealth Effect (here’s Bernanke himself explaining it). This has re-inflated asset prices – many of them way beyond their prior bubble peaks.

But the Fed’s astounding focus on capital accelerated the already changing dynamics of the economy, at the expense of labor.

Even the Wall Street Journal admits that we are in the weakest “economic recovery”since 1949, and now there are lots of signs that we have entered a brand new economic downturn.  Here are just a few examples from Chad Shoop

  • Ford, GM and Chrysler — three of the U.S.’ largest auto companies — reported sales for July that missed estimates: down 3%, 1.9% and up 0.3%, respectively.
  • Delta Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, said revenue fell 7% in July as part of its monthly performance update.
  • Macy’s, the biggest department store company, reported a decline in sales for July, leading to more aggressive markdowns and an industry-wide sell-off.

And lots of ominous signs continue to pop up on Wall Street as well.  For one thing, the Libor rate has surged to the highest level since the last financial crisis.  If you are not familiar with Libor, here is a pretty good explanation of it from Business Insider

The Libor, or London Interbank Offered Rate, measures the interest rate at which banks lend to each other at different durations, and its sharp jump was a harbinger of the financial crisis.

And according to that same article, the Libor rate is now the highest that we have seen since early 2009

In the past month, the Libor rate has spiked to rates not seen since the first quarter of 2009, the heart of the banking meltdown.

Not to mention, the spread between the Libor and the Overnight Index Swap rate, which tracks the lending rate from the Federal Reserve, has widened, another potentially worrying sign.

But of course I have been quoting facts and figures like this for months, and yet U.S. financial markets continue to hold it together.

There are literally dozens of parallels between the global financial crisis of 2008 and what is happening in 2016, but Wall Street continues to defy the laws of economics.

Of course it won’t last forever, but it certainly has been a sight to behold.

And I am certainly not alone in my analysis.  As I noted the other day, DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach is entirely convinced that stocks “should be down massively”…

“The artist Christopher Wool has a word painting, ‘Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids.’ That’s exactly how I feel – sell everything. Nothing here looks good,” Gundlach said in a telephone interview. “The stock markets should be down massively but investors seem to have been hypnotized that nothing can go wrong.”

For the moment, investors continue to pay extremely irrational prices for stocks, and the mainstream media is just giddy about the state of the economy.

So let us enjoy this very strange period of stability for however much longer it lasts, but let us also protect ourselves from the horrible crash that will inevitably follow.

Illinois Institutes Mandate for Public Schools to Brianwash Children how to Submit to Police

Source: The Daily Sheeple


police car

by Matt Agorist

The police state apparatus will now condition children to prostrate themselves before their masters as they are extorted during traffic stops. Illinois drivers education now includes instructions on how to properly allow police to generate revenue.

The bill signed into law on Friday by Governor Bruce Rauner authorizes a new curriculum for driver’s education classes which includes interacting with police. It will be instituted for the 2017-18 school year and become mandatory training at both private and public schools.

The guidelines, created by the secretary of state’s office, will instruct pupils on how to respond if they are pulled over by the police. It will condition them to not be afraid of being robbed on the roadside.

“I think it’s really timely, so that teenagers and young drivers don’t look at a police officer as a threat or a problem,” State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield), who sponsored the legislation, told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s just a part of driving, and if they respond in a responsible, correct way, it should never escalate.”

However, as anyone who’s ever seen those blue and red flashing lights in their rearview mirror knows, the last thing going through your head at that moment is “safety.” The officer pulling you over is most assuredly a “threat” and a “problem” as their job is to look for or otherwise create a crime so that you can be kidnapped or caged in order to generate revenue to pay their rising salaries.

In the latest figures from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), police made more than two-million traffic stops in 2014. The rate of traffic stops for minorities is far higher than their white counterpart. Will that be taught in the class?

Will the fact that police officers are allowed to legally lie to you to trick you into confessing to a crime be taught? Will the fact that cops can steal your property and never charge you with a crime through the process known as civil asset forfeiture be taught? Will students be taught that they are criminals for forgetting to put on their seatbelt or having window tint that is ‘too dark’?

A study in 2013 released by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois found that Chicago Police were far more likely to stop African Americans during traffic stops than white residents, as reported by RT. They also found that African-American and Latino motorists were far more likely than whites to be searched during traffic stops, yet white motorists were far more likely to be caught with contraband. The study used data from the IDOT.

In 2013, the Chicago Police Department conducted a total of 100,676 traffic stops. Of those, 46 percent were of African-American drivers. Since they comprise only 32 percent of the city’s population, the data revealed that blacks were stopped at a rate 42 percent more often than indicated by their population. In comparison, 32 percent of the Chicago population is white, but the traffic stop rate for whites was 27 percent, according to the report.

The very idea of teaching children how to properly submit to revenue collection and privacy invasion is chilling. We can rest assured that the individual’s rights will take a back seat to what these students are taught.

It seems the state has finally figured out how to combat future resistance to their tyranny — teach the children that it is the norm. You must be robbed at gunpoint to protect your freedom.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.  and now on Steemit

Feds Raid Home, Office, Pub of Philly Union Boss Tied to DNC and Clinton

Source: Heat Street

Feds Raid Home, Office, Pub of Philly Union Boss Tied to DNC and Clinton

By Jillian Kay Melchior|8:30 am, August 6, 2016

During the Democratic National Convention, the office of Philadelphia’s most powerful construction union stood out, decked in an enormous sign declaring “Hillary for President.” But on Friday morning, the union headquarters captured public attention for a different reason: a yellow Penske semi-truck parked on the curb outside, packed with dozens of boxes of evidence lugged out of the office by federal agents.

Authorities raided not only the office of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 but also the home of its powerful leader, John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty, who is also head of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council. In addition, law enforcement searched a pub run by Johnny Doc and other union bosses, as well as the offices of a labor-connected Philadelphia city councilman.

The searches occurred just a week after Johnny Doc and the construction unions played a central behind-the-scenes role at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Earlier this year, Johnny Doc had accompanied Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Congressman Bob Brady for a meeting with Hillary Clinton to discuss union issues, including project-labor agreements, posing for a photo with her:


And in June, Johnny Doc inked a project-labor agreement with the DNC, vowing not to strike or picket; in exchange, Democratic officials used union labor for hundreds of convention-related positions. Johnny Doc posted Facebook photos of himself at the convention site last week and told the Philadelphia Inquirer his union spent more than $80,000 on parties attended by local power brokers.
Such flashy expenditures may now be central to a growing federal probe of Johnny Doc and his union. The Inquirer reported that the investigation involves agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service, focusing on the “alleged misuse of union funds.”

Already, some rank-and-file Local 98 members held grudges about how union funds collected through dues, as well as money they are pressured to contribute to the union’s political action committee, ended up at a bar operated by top union brass, Doc’s Union Pub, which was searched Friday.

Since 2012, Local 98’s PAC has directly spent more than $206,000 at Doc’s Union Pub; in 2015, the union also spent $5,500 in union dues at the restaurant, Heat Street has discovered after reviewing Federal Election Commission records.

In the last decade, Local 98’s PAC has also spent more than $364,000 at Mike Connell Catering, a catering company that appears to operate solely out of Doc’s Union Pub, the records show.

Similarly, between 2001 and 2012 alone, Local 98-supported political candidates and committees spent more than $455,000 at Doc’s Union Pub and Mike Connell Catering.

The union’s Department of Labor disclosures also contain some eyebrow-raising expenditures.

In the past few years, Local 98 has spent more than $12,000 for “holiday gifts” at the luxury retailer Coach; more than $32,000 for the services of a massage therapist; and hundreds of thousands of dollars on “tickets to promote job creation” at Philadelphia football, baseball and hockey games.

This isn’t the first time Johnny Doc’s dealings have drawn federal scrutiny. A decade ago, the FBI searched the union boss’s home, failing to file charges though the search warrant alleged that the union boss’s bank account showed strange movement of large amounts of money in “what appears to be an effort to conceal financial dealings.”

Similarly, an electrical contractor pleaded guilty in 2008 to 99 counts, including illegally providing a bribe, payment, or thing of value to a Local 98 leader—in this case, $115,600 in free work on Johnny Doc’s East Moyamensing row house, the same one searched Friday. Johnny Doc was never charged in connection with the case, though the same law prohibits union officials from receiving such gifts.

That same electrical contractor, Donald “Gus” Dougherty, who is not related to Johnny Doc but has been his friend since childhood, also pleaded guilty to stealing from Local 98’s health and welfare fund. But since his release from prison in 2010, Local 98 has paid his company, Dougherty Electric, $470,000 for a “market recovery supplement,” also listing “subsidy to contractor to create jobs” in several Department of Labor filings.

Beyond Local 98’s financial dealings, Johnny Doc has also received other recent scrutiny. As Heat Street reported earlier this year, the union spent more than $10,000 on three drones, deploying one to tape the work site of a builder who did not use entirely union labor on a hotel project. And in February, Johnny Doc was accused of punching a non-union worker in the face.

Local 98’s spokesman, Frank Keel, says the union and Johnny Doc are cooperating with law enforcement.

“Local 98 undergoes an extensive annual audit and is subject to many layers of financial controls and oversights, which makes us question media reports of allegations of financial impropriety as the basis of the investigation,” Keel said in an emailed statement to Heat Street. “Similarly, the search of John’s home is puzzling, since nothing in it or about it has changed since the last time the FBI searched it a decade ago.”

The FBI could not be reached for comment.

In 2015, several union members from Philadelphia’s Ironworkers Local 401 were convicted of running their union like an organized-crime syndicate. The FBI had successfully charged them with federal crimes including arson, violent crime in the aid of racketeering, and conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

— Jillian Kay Melchior writes for Heat Street and is a fellow for the Steamboat Institute and the Independent Women’s Forum.


Mikael Thalen | – AUGUST 5, 2016

The Internal Revenue Service has failed to prove that it has ceased targeting conservative groups, a federal court ruled Friday.

According to Walter Olson, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute Center for Constitutional Studies, a unanimous panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated several lawsuits against the agency over its treatment of conservatives.

“With scathing language, it ruled that a lower court had improperly credited the IRS’s promises that it had ended its abusive targeting and sought to rectify the harms being sued over,” Olson wrote. “In fact, the court said, evidence indicates that the IRS has not only failed to provide adequate guarantees of future good behavior, but continues even now to hassle some of the groups it harassed.”

The IRS had previously argued in lower courts that two cases against them should be thrown out merely because the agency claimed it had taken steps to end its discrimination. The court Friday instead stated that “it is absurd to suggest that the effect of the IRS’s unlawful conduct … has been eradicated.”

“Not only has the IRS not truly forsworn targeting, the court said: it’s even continuing to hassle some of the same conservative plaintiffs!” Olson added.

The court did however state that no IRS employees should be held responsible for the agency’s actions.

As noted by Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood, the IRS not only delayed conservatives’ applications but demanded “Internet passwords and user names, copies of social media and other Internet postings and even the political and charitable activities of family members.”

The targeted conservative groups will now have their day in court to fight back against the IRS. Today’s ruling will also undoubtedly strike yet another blow against the credibility of the Obama administration and supporters who downplayed the severity of the agency’s conduct.